Jason Battiste signs to Major Model Management - How it's Done.

Since I started my talent management and creative media agency FiftyTwo45 in June of 2015, I am always on the lookout for fresh faces and interesting people. When another model Caroline referred Jason to the agency I knew that he was an incredible person with great beauty and poise. After meeting with me, he signed on and started working immediately. What I reflect on and admire him for is his work ethic. He explored every opportunity, whether it was a casting session, a go see, a test shoot or an event. He suited up and showed up every time! 

Jason previously lived in Baton Rouge which is about an hour and half drive from New Orleans but that didn't stop him from arriving on time, impeccably dressed with a serene and sincere demeanor. He effortlessly styled his own test shoots with great finesse I may add, leaving his bar back job after midnight to go home and iron or organize his looks for his shoot the following day. This dedication and conviction to his own path, his own dream, his own destiny (sorry to be cliche) helped facilitate his meteoric rise.

Before leaving home for New York, Jason tested with 4 different photographers in the course of a weekend, he never stopped trying, improving, gaining experience and suiting up. I couldn't be more proud of Jason and quite frankly of myself. He and many other artists at the agency, have given me the confidence to believe in my abilities to spot great talent and to help them move forward in life and career. Working with Jason has been exceptionally rewarding. Now he lives in New York and is represented by one of the best agencies for male models. Please take a look at his portfolio on Major Model Management New York's main board - not development. Big things are in store for Jason....

I also wanted to Thank the New Orlean's photographers, hair and makeup artists, videographers, producers and local companies that wanted to work with him. Special shout out KreweSolangeSaint HeronSneaker PoliticsJoey Bada$$Navé6AM Clothing, and photographers Day StillGreg MilesGerman RoqueImani KhayyamJustin HardimanMagno DanielMichael SentinoQuinn Miller-BedellSophie Lin Berard and Zelmar Reyes Weydert. Jason's entire New York portfolio is 100% Southern talent, and we have got some talent!

elizabeth perrin
Time for Spring
_Z4A4877 copy.jpg

Springtime is my favorite season in New Orleans.

_Z4A4743 copy.jpg

As the temperatures climb and its citizens collectively pack away their rarely-used winter clothing, New Orleans comes alive. With a packed schedule of festivals for just about anything one could possibly imagine, the city quickly becomes inundated with tourists and locals alike. 

As a photographer, there are so many things to love about springtime in the city. Blooming pink and white azaleas mixed with the shades of green from St. Charles Avenue’s famous oak trees provide the perfect background for any shoot.


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